TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS 2024: 5G MIPS to mix humans and machines

(Ismaning / Dortmund, February 27, 2024) TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS announces another highlight. On April 10 and 11, 2024, the world premiere of the 5G Mobile Robots Interoperability Partner Solution Live Test (5G MIPS) will take place in Hall 4 of Messe Dortmund as part of the special Mobile Robotics test area.

On 120 square meters, the Stuttgart-based technology company NAiSE will be demonstrating for the first time in public the cooperation in mixed mobile robot fleets, together with manually operated vehicles and humans without safety fences. The holistic automation solution, which realistically depicts the typical challenges of material handling automation, integrates both vehicles in accordance with the VDA5050 interface standard and non-VDA5050 robots.

With its intralogistics software, NAiSE provides the basis for traffic control, order management and traffic analysis for all parties involved, Omron and Bosch Rexroth deliver the robot systems and cobots, while WAITKUS is responsible for the project concept and presentation. Nokia is also providing the private 5G mobile network in the 5G MIPS project.

"The orchestration of mixed mobile robot fleets in intralogistics in accordance with the VDA5050 standard has meanwhile become widespread in Europe. Now the focus is on new possibilities in holistic human-robot cooperation. We have invited two of this year's most innovative settings and are proud to host the next level of open material handling automation with the 5G MIPS live test," says Thilo Jörgl, from the management of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS.

The 5G MIPS project, which was initiated by Omron, NAiSE, Waitkus and Nokia at the Arena 2036 research campus in Stuttgart, integrates state-of-the-art technologies into a holistic intralogistics solution. The objective is to transform intralogistics and pave the way for more sustainable, seamless and efficient manufacturing processes.

Besides 5G MIPS, the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association will also be represented with the premiere of the new edition of its AGV Mesh-Up in accordance with the VDA5050 interface standard in the special test area Mobile Robotics, which features a total of 20 innovative test setups on around 3,600 square meters.

At TEST CAMP, B2B visitors will be able to try out more than 100 of today's best innovations and novelties in logistics and intralogistics on around 10,000 square meters of exhibition and test space. The spectrum ranges from forklift trucks and automated warehouse technology devices to software and mobile robotics solutions. The guided highlight tours on site provide an overview of the latest technology.

More than 30 speakers are featured in 18 panels in the conference area. While April 10 will be all about topics such as automation, AI and alternative forklifts drive systems as well as start-ups and founders, April 11 will be dedicated to the Mobile Robotics Conference.

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