TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS: Growth in participants and innovations

(Ismaning / Dortmund, March 31, 2023) TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS and IFOY TEST DAYS have grown significantly compared to last year. More than 1,200 participants (2022: 950) traveled to Messe Dortmund to test equipment and solutions, including numerous world firsts, by Thursday evening. Including the finalists of the International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) AWARD 2023, more than 100 innovations (2022: 51) were available for B2B visitors to try out on around 10,000 square meters of exhibition and test area. Visitor magnets included the newly introduced special test areas Exoskeletons & Co. and the Order Picker Safari for experts in order picking equipment. The focus of interest was once again on the globally unique AGV Mesh-Up, which was successfully staged in Dortmund for the third time with further developed tests.

The IFOY AWARD also recorded a significant increase. A total of 23 products and solutions (2022: 14) from 21 manufacturers (2022: 12) passed the three-stage audit. These included new developments from AGILOX, Combilift, Continental, Crown, DS AUTOMOTION, HIKROBOT, IdentPro, Jungheinrich, Kemaro, Libiao Robotics, Mobile Easykey, NIMMSTA, Raymond, STILL, Volume Lagersysteme, Youibot Robotics, as well as from the start-ups Loady, ff Fördersysteme, HUNIC, Predimo and Sentics.

These manufacturers and numerous others took the opportunity to demonstrate their innovations to potential customers at TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS on March 29 and 30. B2B visitors, mainly in leading positions in logistics, industry and trade, as well as delegations of logistics initiatives from all over Germany and neighboring countries traveled to the Ruhr metropolis. Their goal: to try out innovations for themselves and hold intensive technical and networking discussions. A wide range of innovations was available to them in the test arena: from forklifts and automated warehouse equipment to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and state-of-the-art software, specials and robotics solutions.

The expert discussions revolved around topics such as digitalization, process cost reduction, artificial intelligence and sustainability. Visitors got food for thought in nine thematic highlight tours and six panel discussions. They featured top-class experts from Europe, the USA and China. The sessions focused on automation, warehouse trucks, exoskeletons, technology trends, VDA 5050 testing and start-ups. Suppliers of intralogistics solutions, their users and renowned scientists engaged in heated discussions, making the experiential event the first industry highlight of the event year.

Visitors also engaged in exchanges with the scientists, IFOY testers and judges involved in the IFOY TEST DAYS (March 27-29). After going through the IFOY audit, representatives of 21 manufacturers accepted the "Best in Intralogistics" certificates on behalf of their nominees from the hands of Steffen Bersch, Chairman of the Board of the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association. NRW Economics Minister Mona Neubaur traveled to Dortmund to present the certificate and open the TEST CAMPS INTRALOGISTICS.

The IFOY audit for the nominees consisted of three parts. First, they went through the IFOY test conducted by Dutch intralogistics expert Theo Egberts. This involves comparing the finalists in each category not with each other, but with the relevant equipment in the competition. The industrial trucks underwent standardized driving and functional tests, including the IFOY test protocol comprising more than 80 criteria.

In the second part of the audit, researchers conducted the IFOY Innovation Check. The audit was concluded by the assessment of the 25 jurors and their approved advisors. The jury members - trade journalists from all continents - were presented with all the results of the IFOY Test and the IFOY Innovation Check for voting.

As part of the TEST CAMPS, a new edition of the globally unique AGV Mesh-Up, initiated by the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association and its member companies, took place. At the third live test of the VDA 5050 communication interface, the test scenario was expanded. It gave B2B visitors the opportunity to observe the functions of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for themselves and to exchange ideas with developers and scientists. Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (Nokia DAC) and Mission Critical Industrial Edge (MXIE) installed a 5G campus network.

The new special test area Exoskeleton & Co turned out to be a visitor magnet. Seven manufacturers, two users and scientists demonstrated how lifting and carrying aids support employees in logistics. Visitors were able to try out the solutions for themselves in a course on two racks. Participants were able to perform driving and work tests in the new Order Picker Safari. They were able to test different devices for picking processes on a 13.5-meter-long shelf.

Neither visitors to TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS nor the nominees will find out who has won an IFOY AWARD 2023 during IFOY TEST DAYS. The jury's decision will only be announced during the IFOY AWARD Night. It will take place on June 22, 2023 at the Dortmunder U.

Intralogistics solutions for the future: B2B visitors test more than 100 innovations from all over the world over two days in exhibition hall 3. Testing makes the Difference: The motto of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS was taken literally by NRW Economics Minister Neubaur. Photos: TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS/Thomas Willemsen

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