General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


impact media projects GmbH

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Article 1 Subject of the Contract

(1) Subject of the contract is the attendance as an exhibitor at the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS event and/or rental of presentation areas at the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS event.

(2) The presentation areas and presentation times are allocated by TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS. There is no claim to a specific presentation area or a specific presentation time.

Article 2 Performances of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS

The performances of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS and the respective prices are derived from the products and services selected by the customer.

Article 3 Performances of the Customer

The customer undertakes to use the data received in connection with the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS event about TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS event participants solely for their own purposes and, in particular, not to sell or in any other way distribute these to third parties. Included within the meaning of article 3.1 of this contract are all data received by the customer from TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS or a third party, or gathered by the customer himself.

Article 4 Terms of Payment

(1) Prices are net prices. Services not included in the offer, if not listed:

Insurance of supplied rental equipment and exhibits. We recommend taking out appropriate insurance. Individual power connections, special wifi installations and individual graphic designs. Storage of own stand material. Parking fees. Transport to and from the stand and set-up of exhibits. Exhibitors receive their own VIP registration code for guests and employees.

(2) The payment of the fees payable shall be made by one of the payment methods displayed on this website at the discretion of the customer.

(3) Payments are due 14 days after the date written on the invoice. The assumption of catering costs for own guests and additional staff is obligatory and is charged by collective invoice after the event..

(4) Should TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS incur damages, e.g. arising from chargebacks, as part of the payment process, these shall be reimbursed to TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS by the sponsor. This shall not apply only if the sponsor is not responsible for the origination of such damages.

Article 5 Obligations of the Business Partner

(1) The presentations given by the sponsor may not violate any applicable law. The sponsor shall also ensure that the contents of the materials published on their part do not breach copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, competition rights or general personality rights of third parties.

(2) The customer shall indemnify TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS from all damages and claims of third parties arising due to a breach of the obligations of the customer set out in article 5.1 of this contract at the first request of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS. This shall not apply if the customer is not responsible for the origination of such damages and/or claims.

(3) Dates 2024:

8/9 April 2024, from 8.00 a.m.: Delivery/set-up TEST CAMP exhibitors, IFOY TEST DAYS (all IFOY finalists), AGV Mesh-Up, special test areas (vehicles, exhibits, area set-ups).

9 April 2024, from 9.00 a.m.: Delivery/set-up TEST CAMP exhibitors ONLY (Please note that only smaller items can be delivered or set up on this day. Vehicle deliveries, entry into the hall or forklift use for set-up are NOT possible).

9 April 2024, 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.: Audit of the IFOY finalists (not open to the public), IFOY Test, IFOY Innovation Check, IFOY Jury Day

10 April 2024, 9.00 - 17.00: TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS (B2B visitors), from 17.30: Get together in Hall 3

11 April 2024, 9.00 - 16.00: TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS (B2B visitors)

Exhibitor admission: daily from 8.00 a.m.

The dismantling period is from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm on 11 April 2024. Dismantling may not take place before 4.00 pm. If one or more of these conditions are not met, the organiser may charge the customer a fee of € 3,000.

The exhibitor GTC are part of the offer. Please note: The payment of catering costs for own guests is obligatory. Exhibitors will receive their own VIP registration code for guestsafter booking.

(4) Dismantling must take place by 10.00 p.m. at the latest on the last day of the event; no material belonging to the customer may remain at the venue beyond this time. For materials that are not completely removed from the venue after 10.00 p.m. on the day of the event, the organiser may charge a fee of €50 per kg weight per day in removal and storage costs.

(5) Visitor catering at the booth is prohibited. Catering and drinks will be provided by the organiser. Drinks, snacks, sweets, fruit bowls, etc. are permitted.

(6) When the customer exceeds the booked area with his setup, the organiser is authorized to either bill an additional fee of at least €2,000 or demand the deconstruction of the  parts exceeding the booked area.

(7) The customer is obliged to deliver the company logo in a printable vector format (EPS or similar). This may be used by the organiser unreservedly for promotional purposes.

(8) If the customer has booked an appearance as a speaker at the stage as part of the package, the sponsor must deliver the name and a printable photo (min. 1MB) of the speaker via email at least three weeks in advance of the event. If a presentation is necessary as part of the appearance, this must be delivered by email at least 10 days before the event in 19:6 format as a PDF or PowerPoint file. It is not possible to use your own laptop for presentations. If this deadline is not met, it will either result in the speaker‘s appearance being cancelled or a late fee of €850.00.

Article 6 Warranty

(1) TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS will not provide the customer with any visitor data beyond the Event App. (2) Furthermore, TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of names of visitors.

Article 7 Limitation of Liability/Indemnification

(1) Other than damages due to injury to life, limb and health, TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS shall only assume reliability for damages insofar as such damages have been caused by wilful or gross negligence or in a case of breach of a fundamental contractual obligation by TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS, its employees or its vicarious agents. This shall also apply for damages arising from violation of obligations in contractual negotiations and from unauthorised actions. Any liability for damages beyond this is excluded.

(2) Except in the case of liability for wilful or grossly negligent conduct, violation of a cardinal obligation or injury to life, limb and health by TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS, its employees or its vicarious agents, liability shall be limited to the damages that are typically foreseeable at the time of concluding the contract, and in extent to the typical average value of damage for the contract. This shall also apply for indirect damages, especially loss of profit.

(3) This shall not affect the provisions in article 6 of this contract.

Article 8 Data Protection

(1) TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS uses the data provided by the sponsor (e.g. title, name, e-mail, company, function, address) in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

(2) The personal data of the sponsor will be used for the implementation of the event and for the execution of the contracts concluded between both parties.

(3) Should further information or the deletion of the sponsor's data be desired, support is available at the e-mail address

Article 9 Duration of the Contract

(1) The contract shall be concluded for the duration of the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS event.

(2) The right of extraordinary termination for good cause shall remain unaffected by the provision in article 9.1 of this contract. Such a termination shall arise, in particular, if the sponsor breaches one of his obligations outlined in article 5 of this contract.

(3) In case of cancellation by the customer, the customer will receive 85 % of the fee after the booking, 50 % of the fee in case of cancellation until 3 weeks before the first day of the event at 12:00. In case of cancellation later than one week before the first day of the event, the customer will receive 0 % of the fee.

(4) In the event of a cancellation by the organiser, the customer shall be reimbursed 100% of the fee provided.

Article 10 Final Provisions

(1) German law shall apply precluding the UN Convention on Contracts.

(2) Should individual provisions of this contract be invalid or conflict with legal provisions, the rest of the contract shall remain unaffected. In this case, the invalid provision shall be replaced with another, effective one with the same or similar economic and legal effect as the invalid provision. The same shall apply to close a gap in the contract.

Article 11 Amendments

(1) TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS reserves the right to postpone, change or cancel the event or individual elements of the event at short notice. If the event is cancelled at short notice on serious grounds, the customer will receive a refund of the total cost of attendance. There is no claim to compensation insofar as there is no intent or gross negligence on the part of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS. The customer does not reserve the right to cancellation in the case of postponement or change of location.

Ismaning, 26.6.2023